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Welcome to #DontGoViral.

The World needs you!

Please don't let your neighbors go viral, don't let disinformation go viral, don't let discrimination go viral, and don't let divisionism go viral!

Humanity needs artists, cultural entrepreneurs and ambassadors to bring us closer together, to activate our collective intelligence and shared humanity, and to translate public health information into every day language for every person in every place that we live.

This is our collective responsibility, and #DontGoViral is our collective call to action. We are crowdsourcing openly licensed creative content to #ShareInformation. On the left you'll find guidance about how anyone can contribute to this movement, a link to open source content, and important briefs on topics that we need to cover. Please join us: create, remix, adapt, upload, share, but #DontGoViral.

We are #SeparateAndTogether