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Welcome to #DontGoViral.

The World needs you!

And for once, It’s by not going viral!

Don't let misinformation go viral, don’t let discrimination go viral, and don't let divisionism go viral!

Humanity needs artists, cultural entrepreneurs and ambassadors to bring us closer together, to activate our collective intelligence and shared humanity, and to translate public health information into everyday language for every person in every place that we live.

This is our collective responsibility, and #DontGoViral is our collective call to action. We are crowdsourcing openly licensed creative content to #ShareInformation, this is an open call to content creators of every genre to do what they do best; create! The hope is that by creating inspired and informative content that is relevant to the current crisis, more people will share and spread the knowledge. By making the content open-sourced, we are inviting others to co-create and produce content that fits their environments best.

Be like Beyonce and look to the left! You’ll find all information and resources we have collected for this campaign, you might even find your submission being featured. Go on, don’t be shy, go ahead and explore the website!

Bobi Wine Supporting #DontGoViral

Bobi Wine is a singer and a member of parliament from Uganda, he has created a hit song to help spread educational content about COVID-19 and ways to reduce spreading of the virus. Bobi’s song kicked off the #DontGoViral campaign, the song is openly licensed and can be downloaded and remixed by any artist that wishes to create content with it for this campaign. To access the song, please click on “Featured Content” on the side menu (to the left, to the left). This could be your chance to collaborate with Bobi Wine and create great music!

We love supporting artists! We are creating a fund to support artists. To start with, we have eight prizes from US$1 - 5K to distribute to artists who submit and disseminate content before April 15th

How to join


If you would like to participate in spreading knowledge regarding COVID-19, here's what you need to do:

CREATE create music, animation, offline sticker campaigns, or whatever content your community needs most
SHARE Share your content on one or more social media platforms tagging #DontGoViral
UPLOAD Submit your raw content to in a format that others can adapt, remix and translate. This is Co-creation at its best!
INVOLVE Tell your friends and lets get everyone involved!

Not sure where to start?

Have a look at our "Featured content" section where you can find Bobi Wine’s and other creator’s submissions with links to download raw files that can be remixed into your content! Get inspired and start creating! You can also look at the "Knowledge Resources" to get some inspiration on important messages that need to be shared.

Please join us: create, remix, adapt, upload, share, but #DontGoViral.
Stay #SeparateAndTogether