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Artists and cultural entrepreneurs are also being devastated by this pandemic. We hope this campaign and movement not only addresses the Infodemic. We also hope it will raise awareness about the importance of our artists and cultural producers, particularly in times of crisis.

We are building a fund to support creatives who are contributing their talents and their materials to the service of our species, and we will be offering grants and cash prizes to the content creators who publish their material on this site.
The Innovation for Policy Foundation has donated an initial amount of US$5,000 into this fund, and will allocate this to the best media campaigns uploaded onto the site before April 15th.

If you'd like to contribute towards this, we encourage you to:

1. Donate with cryptocurrencies here: Coinbase. Owing to the global financial exclusion of many African countries, our Foundation is currently only setup to accept donations in cryptocurrencies.
All funds received into this account will be managed by the Innovation for Policy Foundation. These funds will be recorded transparently on the respective blockchain. We will allocate all funds received into this account from the link above towards content producers who license their work under CC 4.0 BY-SA and participate in this campaign, after covering administration and transaction costs.

2. Donate with Credit Card & Paypal (we are currently working to setup an option for this with our partners. If you have lead an organization that would be interested to receive and distribute funds on behalf of artists, and that has a credible track record of such work, please sign up to Become a Partner and let us know.

3. Contribute to the content creators you find on this site, either indirectly by following them and sharing their content or by contributing to their work directly through their platforms and purchasing their works. Consider hiring musicians you find on the platform for virtual performances, for example. Get creative, and let's help our creatives.

We will be maintaininig a transparent record of all the donations we receive and will be working to create a neutral and diverse committee to allocate funds fairly across our community of creatives. For any further information on funds management, or to help us improve our transparency, contact us at