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To join the #DontGoViral campaign with your creative content follow the steps below:

1. Create audio, video, offline poster/sticker campaigns, comics, or whatever content your community needs.
2. Share your content on one or more social media platforms tagging #DontGoViral (and a link to an official health agency source, if you're providing health guidance or safety measures).
3. FILL THIS FORM to submit your raw content.
4. Share it with your friends: the posts with the most engagement will have a higher chance to receive a cash prize up to US$5,000.

In order to meet the Eligibility Criteria, the;

  1. Content must be open licensed, 
  2. Content must be original and developed by applicant, 
  3. Files uploaded must be in an editable format,
  4. Content must be in English, French or Arabic, otherwise applicant must provide translation for their content in one of the mentioned languages,
  5. Content MUST be non discriminatory,
  6. Content must include #DontGoViral hashtag, in raw files and social media posts


Now more than ever humanity needs artists, cultural entrepreneurs and ambassadors to bring us closer together and to translate public health information into everyday language for every person in every place that we live.

We are are always looking for creative and innovative ways to #ShareInformation to combat disinformation, misinformation, and lack of information. So if you have an idea that can contribute to protect our communities from the spread of the virus, make sure to apply!

We have established a price pool of six dissemination campaign prizes awarded to artists creating local campaigns in their communities. The dissemination campaigns created should make information more readily available and adaptable to local communities, especially the more vulnerable ones. The campaigns can help raise awareness, correct misinformations and myths, or advocate preventative practices.

Examples of that can be; hand washing stations, finding ways to ensure people in ques are an appropriate distance apart, and so on. A graffiti artist from Sudan has been spreading awareness by creating wall art in vulnerable neighborhoods encouraging people to stay safe and stay home. Another from Kenya has created a hand washing station in front of the premise where she resides using resources available to her, ensuring the safety of her community.

But dissemination campaigns don’t always have to be on ground. It is important that information reaches communities in a language and format they understand and can relate to, developing software (or other means) that can facilitate the accessibility of information would benefit the public.

So if you have a great idea for a dissemination campaign, please make sure you apply before the 30th of April

Link to apply:

When applying for the dissemination campaigns category, if your idea requires funding, in the application make sure you explain the idea in detail as well as upload pictures of the prototype.

For more information, please visit our website: