Corona Virus Alert

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Bobi Wine & Nubian Li - Corona Virus Alert!

This song and music video was posted by Bobi Wine and crew on 25th March 2020. The song immediately went viral in the only positive way. Bobi has openly licensed the song for any artist to remix, adapt, translate, and sing over. ❤️ CALLING ALL MUSICIANS ❤️ You are invited to create with the materials below. If you're creating content with this song, please fill out this SPECIAL FORM FOR CORONAVIRUS ALERT so we can share your translation and creation with Bobi's team who will merge your video on their official youtube channel. Here you can find the lyrics and translation file. All reviewed translations will added to the original youtube song's subtitles with a credit for the translator.

Title Corona Virus Alert!
Credits Lyrics, Bobi Wine and Nubian Li; Guitarist, Micheal Ouma; Music producer, Sir Dan Magic; Video producer, Kim Xp
Original Link
License CC 4.0 BY-SA
Lyrics & Translation open access file
Full Audio Track Corona_Virus_Alert!_Original_Audio.mp3
Instrumental Track Corona_Virus_Alert!_Instrumental_Track.mp3
Vocals Track Corona_Virus_Alert!_Vocals.wav
Full Video (square) without subs Coming soon
Full Video (wide) without subs Coming soon